Big late June update

Sorry for late update, lately I’ve been pretty busy. This is a summary of last few weeks and our city visits before the camps started.


I was looking for this visit, because I have been doing camp with Ostrava CB church already last year. First evening we’ve got invited for a dinner at Jirka and Nicole’s place. Jirka is a vicar and one of the camp leaders. There were really hospitable and we had a great time. We’ve met the whole team there. I was glad I had a chance to catch up with old friends. Thursday and Friday mornings we’ve been doing school visits. It was a great time we got to visit around 15 classes of middleschoolers and invite them for camp. It’s always my favorite time. We played fun games, did a presentation about USA, they had a chance to ask us questions and get to know us. I pretended to be a from Texas and it was hilarious to see all those surprised faces, when I fluently switched to Czech in the end of a class. Friday evening we had a US party for the youth group and it was great seeing some kids from school coming over. We cooked american pancakes. I tried pancake with strawberries, scrambled eggs and maple syrup, strange combination I know, but it was surprisingly delicious. Then we played frisbee and slacklined with kids. I enjoyed getting to know them and I hoped we would see some of them at camp.
During Saturday we just hung out with Czech team, did some team bonding activities and went to play laser tag. It was really fun, little bit tense, since we are really competitive, but I won both games, so I was happy with my performance   ^_^. I really enjoyed the visit, getting to know the Czech team better, they are great bunch of people, eager to share Christ and his Love. I couldn’t wait for the camp to start.


The following week we spent in Olomouc. We are paring up with team Vee-Dubs (Andrew, Alyssa, Jenna and Petra) for this camp. Andrew is my really good friend from last summer and I am really glad we finally got to do camp together. People from the local baptist church with whom we’re doing this camp are really nice. They are partnering with Josiah Venture and KAM for the first time even though they have done some English Camps in the past. I was staying with Tomáš, one of the youth leaders, he such a great and hospitable guy, with passion for Jesus. We got along really well and hangout quite a lot.
One morning we were handing out flyers in front of schools. For two days we did school visits again, I enjoyed them a lot we are praying for this visits to bring students to the camp. In class I had to pretend that I am a bull and some student was supposed to ride me. Amy figured that its a best way of describing students what is Rodeo in Texas. 🙂 We did a outdoor English Club in park, where we invited students from school and friends we wanted to come and taste little bit of camp. Next day we visited a youth group. We had a great time getting to know the young people who we are going to serve with at the camp. It’s a young and excited team, who wants to share Christ. Equipping young leaders so that they can fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church is JV mission goal. So we are glad, we had to be part of this.


This was our third and last city visit. Justin and Brooke were on their camp last year, so it wasn’t and unfamiliar environment for them. My and Amy felt like a home after few hours as well. First two days of the visit we spent in Bohumilice and surrounding villages. The people from local church who took care of us are really nice, welcoming and hospitable. I never felt hungry or unwelcomed on any of these visits. Me and Justin stayed with Pavel and his family. They basically live on a farm with cows, pigs, chicken and ton of rabbits. I got to taste a fresh cow milk, learned everything about breeding rabbits and other stuff. Next two days we spent in Kyjov, with the local CB church. I was staying with Michal – young man from Kyjov youth group, and his family for the night and again it was a great time, his dad is a coffee freak and loves coffee and old coffee machines, which he also repairs. So I got to taste a delicious coffee and learn almost everything there is about coffee making. Only consequence was that I couldn’t fall asleep that night. In both Bohumilice and Kyjov we did lot of school visits inviting students for camp. Praying and hoping for more students to sign up. So you can pray with us.
I love getting to know new people and building relationships and here I again had a lot of opportunities to do that. It’s always one of my favorite things to do on internship. The Czech team is really great, full of people who follow Christ and want to share Gospel. So I can’t wait for this camp to start.

So this is a short summary of what we did for the better part of June. Update about first term camp in Ostrava will follow soon.

Please keep praying for the camps, so that the Gospel can be boldly proclaim, for the students to have open hearts to listen, for my team to have energy and unity and can work with God honoring excellence.

God Bless you,


Team Lenhardt with Michael and Lukas in front of Ostrava worm.

Team Lenhardt with Michael and Lukas in front of Ostrava worm.


Laser tag with the Ostava team.


Having nice dinner in Olomouc – Team Lenhardt, Vee-Dubs and Olomouc youth group.


Playing Ninja tag on top of church tower in Olomouc.


Us with people from Bohumilice. Beautiful people, beautiful country.



Brooke is talking about life in US with some Czech students during our Kyjov/Bohumilice city visit.



Amazing race

Internship has started!!! Last Wednesday I traveled to Slovenia to meet with my intern team and begin our summer internship with Amazing Race, competing against 18 other intern teams from central and eastern Europe. The goal of this race is to get to know your team, to learn each other strengths and weaknesses, to have fun and to prepare us for the rest of the summer. Race started at beautiful lake Bled, from where we traveled to the capital Ljubljana, where we were for most of the race and finally last day we finished the race in Maribor. It’s was a great experience and I enjoy every bit of it. Whether it was rowing over beautiful lake, jumping of a bridge, eating giant horse burger as fast a possible, climbing 450 steep stairs to a mountain, dancing Slovenia folk dance, singing Slovenian national anthem at Ljubljana main square (Ok I didn’t enjoy that one, because I am terrible at singing :-D). What I liked the most was just running from challenge to challenge and and meeting  and interacting with new people, asking them for directions, help… I found out that Slovenians are really, really nice and friendly people, always willing to help you.
Although we were at first place during most of the race, our team ended up at sixth place which was a still pretty good result. Afterwards we headed for the intern training at KAM hotel in Malenovice, to intensively prepare for the summer.

Last but not least – I want you to meet my awesome team – Brooke, Justin and Amy. They are great guys and I am excited about spending summer with them. Brooke and Justin are young married couple from Kansas and they are our team leaders. They are caring, have clear vision for the team and the summer and most importantly the have heart for mission an serving young people in Czech. Amy is a heart of this team, she’s really sweet, she never gives up… And she was making  sure that us three very competitive people, won’t do anything silly during race. Can’t wait to spend more time with my team, getting to know them better and serving with them. I like that even though we know each other for less than a week I know we can trust and rely on each other.


Team Lenhardt – Amy, Dan, Brooke, Justin


450 steps to a hill near Maribor, at the top we got to spend some time praying and having communion –  it was very special.


Rowing to only island in Slovenia - lake Bled


Team Lenhardt and team VW on a way to Czech. We gonna spend a whole lot time together during summer.

Don’t have much pictures from race,  was busy running :-D. Will do better job for next time. For more checkout #jvamazingrace14 on instagram


Stáž konečně začala! Minulou středu jsme s dalšíma českýma internama jeli do Slovinska, kde  jsme se setkali se zbytkem našich týmů a vyrazili na Amazing Race, závod, kde jsme soutěžili proti dalším 18 týmům ze střední a východní Evropy. V průběhu závodu plníme různé úkoly, díky kterým získáme instrukce, pro další pokračování v závodu. Cílem je především sblížit se se svým týmem, poznat své silné stránky a slabiny, užít si trochu srandy a mít takový dobrý start do zbytku léta. Závod začínal na krásném jezeře Bled, odkud jsme se přesunuli do Ljubljaně, kde jsme poté strávili větší část závodu, poslední den jsme se přesunuli do Mariboru, kde byl také cíl. Byl to skvélý zážitek a užil je každou chvíli. Ať už to například bylo plavení se přes jezero, jezení obrovského koního hamburgeru, výběh 450 strmých schodů na nějakou horu, tančení Slovinského národního tance, zpívání Slovinské hymny na náměstí v Ljubljani (toto mě zrovna nebavili, protože neumím zpívat :-)). Co mě ale bavilo nejvíc bylo prostě běhání od úkolu k úkolu, a prosté potkávání nových lidí. Zjistil jsem, že slovinci jsou velmi milý lidé, kteří vám velmi ochodně pomohou, poradí třeba s vámi ujdou kousek cesty, jen aby se ujistili, že se neztratíte.

Po většinu závodu jsme byli první, ale nakonec jsme skončili na pěkném 6. místě, což nás chvíli mrzelo, protože jsme byli velice soutěživí. Nicméně potom jsme odjeli do Česka, na tréning  do hotelu KAM v Malenovicích, kde jsme se začali intenzivně připravovat na léto (o tom více později).

Na závěr vám chci představit svůj skvělý tým – Brooke, Justina a Amy. Jsou to super lidi a teším se, že s nimi budu trávit celé léto. Brooke s Justinem jsou manželé, žijí v Kansasu a jsou vedoucí našeho týmu. Jsou na nás hodní( i když nám při závodě vyhrožovali, že pokud nebudeme první nedostaneme najíst :-D), mají jasnou vizi pro tým a léto a hlavně srdce pro misii a službu mladým lidem. Amy je takové sluníčko, srdce týmu. Milá holka, co nás, 3 soutěživé lidi, při závodě hlídala, ať se jej nebereme přiliš vážně. Těším se na zbytek léta, na to jak se budeme všeci navzájem lépe poznávat, žít jako rodina a sloužit spolu. Už za těch pár dní vím, že na sebe můžeme spoléhat a důvěřovat si.

10 days to go | support update | aktualita o podpoře

Internship is coming really quickly. In 10 days I will be leaving to Slovenia to meet rest of my team and start internship with amazing race. I’m getting really excited, can’t wait to meet my team and rest of the interns and start preparing for the camps.

I have and great update about God’s faithfulness and provision. I am now fully financially supported raising all $2500 that are needed for the summer! I want to thank everyone who supported me and took part in this ministry.
That being said I still need your prayers, so if you want to take part in my summer ministry and support me this way it is very welcomed. As prayers and God’s help is something we’ll need most this summer. 🙂

God bless you,


…Not that I seek the gift, butI seek the fruit that increases to your credit. Philippians 4:15-17

Začátek stáže se rychle blíží. Už za 10 dní si to namířím do Slovinska, kde potkám zbytek svého týmu a “naskočíme” do Amazing race (o tom více později). Nemůžu se dočkat až poznám  svůj tým a zbytek stážistů a začneme s přípravami na léto.

Mám také skvělou zprávu o Boží věrnosti a o tom jak se stará. Mohu oznámit, že jsem získal plnou finanční podporu – 50000Kč, které potřebuji na tuto stáž. Chci poděkovat všem, kteří mě přispěli a zapojili se tímto způsobem do této služby.
Stále však potřebuji vaše modlitby, takže budu velmi vděčný, pokud se za mě v průběhu léta  budete modlit a myslet na mě. Jelikož modlitby a Boží ochrana je to, co budeme velmi potřebovat. 🙂

Bůh vám žehnej,


…Neříkám to proto, že bych toužil po darech; toužím ale, aby rostl zisk, který se připisuje na váš účet. Filipským 4,15-17



Welcome at my new blog about my summer mission. I try to post regularly, to keep you guys updated about my summer internship at Czech English Camps.

For now you can read some information about me and internship . If you want to be part of this ministry and support me, here‘s how you can do it.

Vítejte na mém blogu, budu se  jej snažit pravidelně aktualizovat, aby jste měli přehled o tom, co dělám a o všech novinkách týkající se mé letní stáže na English Campech.

Zatím se můžete podívat na základní informace o mě a stáži.  Pokud máte zájem podpořit mě a tuto službu, informace, zde jsou informace, jak postupovat.